Music Lessons

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Very nearly everyone who becomes serious about music, sooner or later studies piano. Piano is the king of instruments because it requires knowledge and ability related to all the fundamental properties of music. If you are taught well, and you know piano, you really know music!


Kit thoroughly understands and quickly teaches the basics of voice control and production. He begins with a short but intensive program to establish breathing and relaxation as fundamental to all singing technique and vocal consistency. He helps you to define your desired repertoire and target a calendar for completion.

Jazz Improvisation (for any instrument)

The art of improvisation can be undertaken by those who have achieved a certain level of mastery on their chosen instrument. Minimally, you should be able to perform all major scales in all keys at a moderately quick tempo.

Applied Music Theory

Music theory is usually taught ‘on paper.’ As such, it engages only the eye and the intellect. Unlike most high-school or college music theory classes, Kit teaches music theory as applied to an instrument through either improvisation or composition. The additional use of the auditory and tactile senses help you learn quicker, retain longer, and most importantly ‘apply’ what you’ve learned.

Music Literacy

Musical literacy equips you with the ability to be knowledgeable and conversant in either the technical aspects of music (Music Theory) or the literature of music (Composers, styles, and specific compositions), or both. Kit offers these studies through his private instruction, but tailored specifically to your needs and desires.

20-20 Program: Piano Lessons for Busy Adults

Students have 20 minute lessons for 20 dollars and practice 20 minutes a day. They choose two areas of concentration and practice only two goals per lesson.

Cost of Instruction

Like most other things, you most often get what you pay for...fee varies according to time spent. Contact Kit for rates.

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