Kit's Philosophy of Music Education

Real learning is hard work.

Effective learning has emotional content.
Work needs to be accompanied by joy and feelings of accomplishment.

Music is a skill

Skill development differs from cognitive understanding.
Skill development requires mindful repetition.

Brain scientists have recently discovered things the old masters never knew, yet . . . the masters of old intuitively knew much of which we have yet to discover.

All fields of professional endeavor are subject to fads

Often a new piece of research (such as the Mozart Effect) is flouted by the media and someone who can put a price tag on it and sell it, but these new findings do not become science until they are peer-reviewed and their results replicated. Often the furor is shallow, transient, and people eventually come full circle back to the tried and true.

As part of Kit’s doctoral studies, he was trained in research methods, statistical application, and systematic musicology (the application of science to music). While Kit stays current with the recent studies around music and the human brain, he knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff. As one of his student’s recently observed, “Kit Johnson is the real deal.”

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