Cost of Instruction

Kit currently charges $60 per hour.
Most lessons are 1/2 - hour lessons at $30 each.
This is pretty standard for quality instruction in this geographic area at this time.

New Students:

Inevitably, there exists a period of time when the student is “trying out” the teacher, and the instructor is auditioning the student. For this reason, Kit asks for a six-week, up-front, new-student payment rather than requiring payment for the full ten-week term. This assures the teacher that the student is committed and deserves a slot in the teacher’s schedule while also offering a reasonable, low-risk “prelude” rate.


Kit teaches on a seasonal schedule. Fall, Winter, and Spring terms last between 9 and 11 weeks each. Therefore each term runs between $270 and $330. Payment for each term is due two weeks before the end of the previous term. Payment can be made in two installments if necessary.
Summer lessons are paid individually as the student’s and teacher’s availabilty coincide.

Make-up lessons can be scheduled on a space-available basis. Kit does not instruct outside of his scheduled teaching availability.

There are no extra fees for recitals, phone consultations, music delivery, practice tapes and CD’s.

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