Finding the Right Piano Teacher

Beware: everyone who plays even a little thinks they can teach. Consequently, there are thousands of incompetent piano teachers, everywhere. AND there are hundreds of good teachers, also pretty much everywhere. BUT, to find a good one, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

A certified teacher will save you enormous frustration.

Kit playing air piano

Good teachers perform regularly -- all their lives.

But not all performers can teach well.

Poor Reasons to Select a Teacher:

Why would you choose a teacher on a recommendation from another student or parent who knows very little about the subject, is familiar with only one or two teachers, and who doesn’t play well themselves? Don’t put yourself or your child in a situation where you suffer from poor instruction, but you don’t know it because the teacher obviously knows more than you.

There's a better way! Use objective means of selection. Do what is necessary to guarantee success. Don’t pour time and money into an effort which will end in giving up and blaming yourself or your child’s lack of talent or discipline. SELECT THE RIGHT TEACHER!

See if Kit is the right teacher for you!

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