Bands for Hire

Pianist and singer Kit Johnson is available for engagements with additonal musicians. for the very best in both listening and dancing to swing jazz. Kit’s ensembles also play classics from the styles of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, Latin, and other styles, but their core repertoire is jazz from the American songbook.

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Style of Music

Our music is predominately swing and jazz from composers such as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Dave Brubeck, Antonio C. Jobim, Charley Parker, and others.
We will also do some rock tunes, waltzes, Latin dances, even a polka or recent hits on request.
We definitely ARE NOT a rock, country, sweet society, or top-forty band.
We ARE a jazz band that hires the best players available.
We pride ourselves on you being able to CONVERSE ACROSS A DINNER TABLE WITHOUT SHOUTING, yet our music is distinctly lively.


Kit's side men have played with...

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Johnny Mathis
  • Freddy Hubbard
  • Gary Burton
  • and Kit Johnson ;-)


Kit perceives and responds to the nature of the audience, putting listeners at ease. Kit believes that people need to hear melodies and lyrics they know and love, but he is also a disciple of improvisation which makes jazz what it is and allows room for the performer’s creative expression.
In Kit’s music, these two are balanced to satisfy both the jazz enthusiast and the average listener.

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