Kit's Bands


A sextet suggests the 'big band' sound of the 30's and 40's because we add sax and trumpet to the ensemble. So many of the 'big band' hits of the 30's and 40's just don't sound the same without a horn section (In the Mood, One O'Clock Jump, etc.) Sextet also adds a lead female vocalist.     $990.
Listen to samples:  Medium & up-tempo     Ballads      Waltz     Rock      Cool Jazz


Many people mistakenly believe that a drummer makes the music loud. Not True! A skilled drummer adds considerable vitality and flexibility to an ensemble without increasing the amplitude. Dancing and Latin music (Bossa Nova, Cha Cha, Tango, etc) almost necessitate the presence of a drummer. A quartet adds a drummer to the trio.     $690.
Listen to samples:    Medium and up-tempo     Ballads      Latin


A trio is a band at its most basic level. With three, the whole equals more than the sum of its parts. Harmony, melody, the depth of a bass line, the interactive improvisation of true jazz all begin with the magic number of three. The preferred instrumentation for a trio is Piano, Bass, and Guitar.    $550.


A duo adds a double bass to the piano. This gives depth, flexibility, and vitality to solo piano without increasing the volume. A duo presents what some call that 'New York' or 'jazzy' sound.     $350.


Solo piano lends a distinct touch of class to your occasion. Digital electric keyboards actually closely imitate the sound of a sizable grand piano yet take up an incredibly small space. They are portable, flexible, and quiet. They do require set up. If you have a well tuned, fully functional acoustic piano on the premises, you qualify for a $50 reduction in the pianist's fee.      $150 - 250.

Dixieland Band

A Dixieland Band specializes in the music of the roaring twenties. True dixieland requires trumpet, clarinet, trombone, and a rhythm section. Add banjo, a tuba, and a singer, and you have 'deep dixie!'     $1150-1450.

These are professional rates, so you may expect professional standards. We are punctual, courteous, neat in appearance, versatile, and accommodating of all reasonable requests.
*All prices listed are for single events up to 3 hours. For any play-time above three hours, each musician’s fee increases @ $50/hour.
*** "Travel: up to 20 minutes drive from Amherst or Northampton MA = no charge. (Greenfield is within the 20 minute limit.) Over 20 minutes, add $25 per hour per person

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